Tech Support

  • 1. Can I customize the products?

    Answer:Yes, please provide us with the motor parameters you need, or provide us with drawings to hel...
  • 2. How about the delivery date?

    Answer:? regularly, 30 days and the customized product is 45 days.
  • 3. Is the quality guaranteed??

    ?Answer: We follow the ISO9001 product quality system and have strict internal control quality inspe...
  • 4. What is your minimum order quantity?

    Answer: You can mix and match 500 units, not including remote control.
  • 5. How about the production capacity?

    Answer: There are about 6000 to 8000 motors per day.
  • 6. How is the payment method?

    Answer: Normal operation, prepayment by wire transfer, final payment before delivery. We will provid...
  • 7. How is the packaging?

    Answer: The inner box + outer box, or the outer box is palletized.
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